Etna Belly Dance Festival is the first international festival in sicily that celebrates Eastern dance, music and culture and successfully arrived at the tenth edition. It was born in 2010 to preserve and spread this culture in all its particular traditions, through a dialogue and a cultural exchange between East and West.
The Festival is organised by the association “Hunaida Danza”, directed by Hunaida – Daniela Russo, dancer and teacher of belly dance with 17 years experience. Her passion and love for the Eastern Culture and her experience as a teacher and dancer in international festivals are the basis for the birth of this event, where many dancers and musicians from all over the world take part.

A whole weekend dedicated to the Eastern world, 30 workshops of dance for all levels from elementary to advanced, music, culture, conferences, international competition, bazars.
Gran Gala’ and performances of dancers from Italy and all over the world, a journey which will lead you to the East.
From the union of the word “Etna”, active volcano on the east coast of Sicily (Catania) which metaphorically represents energy and life, from the word “belly dance” which represents passion and love, from the word “Festival” which represents feast, joy, sharing, here it is the “Etna Belly Dance Festival”, a volcanic explosion, a rainbow of energy, happiness, love, passion, sharing, integration, socialization.
this is the feeling of our festival!!

Welcome to our “oriental” World!